Welcome to the 2022 Mother's Day Gift Guide by the Slani Team! In Part I of the guide, you'll find a mix of our new drops and timeless Mother's Day pieces.


Firstly - We’re so excited you’re reading this because we wrote this blog post with our mothers in mind. Mums are just so great - aren’t they? They bore us, fed us, nurtured us, educated us, bred us, loved us, and supported us. Mother’s Day is such a special day and mums deserve a special treat.


Read on for 5 gifts to give Mum this Mother’s Day! 





First in line is ournewly launched Mum Heart Necklace,just in time for Mother's Day.


Designed by our founder, Mia, it was a symbol of her love for her mother who is miles away back in her home country, Norway. 


TheMum Heart Necklace is great for every mother figure, not just a mother that is blood-related. That includes pet mums, plant mums, and tiger mums. Oops... was that funny?


Happy Mother's Day, our dearest mums.



Our Ela Hoops are the classiest of all of our Pearl Collection!


With an average 1 cm sized Freshwater Pearl hooked into a dainty gold hoop, the Ela is loved by mums of all ages and mums of different personalities (unless your mum exclusively said she dislikes pearls).


Think Gen Z, Gen Y, Millenials and even Boomers😇. Pearls are a timeless classic and we doubt anyone will say no😘


Mums, grandmas, aunties -- any women in your life you want to celebrate deserves a pearl.


Is your mum’s birthday in May? That’s a win-win! Our Mum Heart Necklace and the Birthstone Necklace is a perfect match for layering!


But if not, there’s nothing stopping you from getting a May Birthstone (or any other month🗓) to celebrate Mother’s Day! 


It’ll be a special something to look back on May 2022, a special token to keep. Not to mention it's timeless for everyday wear.


Just imagine mum saying: “My daughter gave me this necklace for Mother’s Day 2022 ❤️


We know mums are one of the most hardworking bunch. Sometimes, when they might be so busy hustling and bustling, they just need something simple and sweet



Our Poppy Pearl Hoops are just that. Made with five dainty pearls, these hoops glisten in the way only pearls can. They’re not #StatementHoops like our Ela Hoops, but their size and shine make it a good choice for elegant, easy-going and everyday wear. It’s lightweight and gives mum the subtle glam. ❤️

*Poppy is the one in the second piercing


We love the Ophelia Ring. With a dainty, pale purple lilac at the centre of attention, Ophelia is perfect for Mother’s Day. 


This is because purple lilacs symbolise youthfulness, tranquillity, and the first emotions of love. The message behind this flower is beautiful, and the elegance of the lilac would definitely suit the meaning of Mother’s Day.


This year, show your mom your love for her by telling her that she’s your safe harbour of peace and your youthful mom with the Ophelia Ring. ♥️


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