Olive Green
Smokey Brown
These medium-sized hoops are delicately decorated with Cubic Zirconia all around the hoop. The Lani has quickly become one of our favourites due to her unique look. It's very hard to not include her in every ear stacking photo as she takes it to the next level! I hope you will love these hoops as much as I do. 

Q - Can I wear this item in the shower? Yes, you can wear it in the shower! To ensure it lasts longer, we highly recommend taking it off and avoiding chemicals that can damage your items. 

Q - How should I store this item? To keep your items pretty, we recommend storing your new items in a cool, dry place in a sealed zip bag to avoid moisture.

  • Size: The hoop is 15mm
  • Material: Sterling silver hoops with triple plated 18K gold.
  • Stone:  Cubic Zirconia
  • Friendly to sensitive skin.
  • Sold as a pair