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The perfect balance of raw natural beauty and elegant minimalistic design, our Eye Shaped Gem Ring will be a treasure in your collection for years to come. Please note that this unique ring is handmade with natural gemstone and as such comes in slightly different shapes and colour variations. 
  • 14K gold filled ring with natural eye shaped gemstone pendant.
  • Light rose pink quartz. 
  • Handmade with our partners in Bali
  • Water safe, tarnish resistant and safe for sensitive skin

What is gold-filled? 

Gold Filled is a fraction of the cost of Solid Gold and is made by bonding gold to a base metal which is usually copper or other brass metals. The process involves bonding the metals using heat and pressure and the resultant gold-filled piece is typically more durable than a gold plated piece. 

Gold-filled pieces nevertheless can still tarnish, however, it takes excessive and rough use as well as a lack of appropriate care for this to happen. The thick layer on gold-filled pieces generally prevents tarnishing, because pure gold doesn’t tarnish. Gold-filled jewellery is suitable for everyday wear, just like solid gold, but at a significantly lower price




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