Note that in general, jewellery wears different for every individual, there are many factors based on your pH levels, sweat acidity, oiliness and humidity that affects jewellery. 

Avoid contact with chemicals/harsh ingredients and highly fragrant products it can affect the wear of your piece. 

 Take your jewellery off once a month and clean them under warm water - once they are dry, a good polish with a non-abrasive tarnishing cloth will restore the shine back to most sterling silver- and gold-plated pieces.

 Sweat is very acidic and can harm your jewellery.

 To make them last longer, always take off jewellery when doing any form of physical exercise. 

Salt water can affect the wear of your jewellery, so be sure to give them a good rinse with normal water after having a dip in the ocean.If you going for a quick dip in a pool with chlorine it can greatly affect the wear time of your jewellery; we recommend taking your jewellery off when entering a chlorine pool. 

 Store them out of the sun and away from any dirty or moist environments like bathrooms.Note that exposure to moisture and dirt in the air, and the sun can make them go dull over time, but a good polish will restore their shine. Please note that this is only a guide of how to take care of your jewels so they can last longer.