We have been craving large comfortable hoops for some time now. Our hollowed Aria hoops are designed to be comfortable to wear without irritating your ears. From day one these hoops have become a solid favourite at our Cronulla pop up store. She's made with a skin-friendly solid sterling silver base and triple plated with solid 18 karat gold for improved longevity. 

Q - Can I wear this item in the shower? Yes, you can wear it in the shower! To ensure it lasts longer, we highly recommend taking it off and avoiding chemicals that can damage your items. 

Q - How should I store this item? To keep your items pretty, we recommend storing your new items in a cool, dry place in a sealed zip bag to avoid moisture.

  • Size: 40mm and 3mm thick
  • Material: Solid sterling silver base with a triple plated 18K gold
  • Friendly to sensitive skin
  • Sold as a pair