It's no doubt that it a lot of variants and materials in the jewellery industry. 

This is what you should avoid if your skin gets easily irritated! 

Approximately 70% of the populations have sensitive skin and I’m one of them! In my teenage years I was obsessed with custom jewellery. I was especially obsessed with statement rings and I have boxes of them and when I say boxes, I mean a proper IKEA box and due this day I still have them.And it didn’t turn out well as I got very sensitive skin, my ear lobes would turn swollen, red and let’s not forget the uncomfortable itching! I stopped completely to wear them and would rarely wear anything. By own experience with many years of testing and trying items, -  this is the metals you should avoid when you are shopping jewellery. 

No Thanks, I pass! It’s easy to figure out if you are sensitive to jewellery that contains nickel as the results by getting itchy and irritated skin quite quickly after use.You can find this in many items as this is a popular among business because it’s quite durable, gives high polish and very cheap to produce – lower the production cost is the higher profit for the business.Nickel contained jewellery is usually called brass/alloy which is a mix of different metals. If the gold/silver plating is frequently low it will fade off quite quick and the result will be not good-looking jewellery quite quick and on top of that it will give you an irritated skin or even miscolored your skin, no thanks! In overall avoid plated items that have a brass, alloy-cobber base. As low plated items fades away quicker and your skin will be in touch with the metal sooner than expected.

That said – Cheap jewellery does not mean it contains nickel! You can still get your hands-on skin friendly items that does not contain any nasty metals. Many fast fashion brands use this metal as it is cheap to produce and give the company higher profit of the sale.   

Yes, you are safe! Metals like sterling, gold and platinum are less likely to cause skin irritation. Plated items can still be safe for your skin as long they have a thicker layer of gold and with sterling silver base as we have for our range of items. When it comes to gold filled items, they are perfectly safe as they contain much higher level of gold.